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If you originally submitted your MNsure application with financial help:

You do not need to do anything. If you qualify, you will see these new tax credits on your UCare invoice or your bank automatic withdrawal amount.

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If you DIDN'T originally submit your MNsure application with financial help:

You may be eligible for savings since tax credits have been expanded to people whose household income was too high to qualify for financial help in the past. Contact MNsure to see if you are eligible and to reapply with financial help.

Frequently asked questions

How and where can I see if I’m eligible for these tax credits?

If you previously qualified for tax credits through MNsure, you can see your lowered premium amount when you log into your MNsure account at

If you didn't previously qualify for tax credits through MNsure, check the MNsure Benefits Estimator tool to see the reduced amount you now may owe in premium.

If you didn't previously apply on MNsure with financial help, you will need to contact the MNsure Contact Center to reapply with financial help to determine if you are eligible to these expanded tax credits.

For more information on tax credits and how they work, you can read MNsure’s page on premium tax credits.

What’s the difference between a subsidy and an advanced premium tax credit?

You may see the terms “subsidy” and “advanced premium tax credit (APTC)” referenced in communications about the American Rescue Plan. These terms both refer to the tax credits you may receive to help you pay for your UCare health plan premium.

Why don’t you have updated tax credit info for me yet?

MNsure is processing changes in phases. The first batch impacts those already receiving tax credits. The next batch is for those who had originally applied with financial assistance, but didn’t qualify for tax credits.

If you did not originally submit your application with financial assistance, please contact MNsure.

How long will the expanded benefits last?

These expanded benefits go through the end of 2022.

I had coverage through MNsure prior to April 2021 when the American Rescue Plan Act came about. Do I get the extra tax credits for those months, too?

Expanded tax credits are retroactive to January 1, 2021 or your first day of coverage through a MNsure plan. Regardless of when you see updated tax credits on your UCare invoice, you will receive the full value of your tax credits when you file taxes next year.

I applied for my UCare plan after the American Rescue Plan Act came about. Will I see an updated tax credit amount?

If you applied with financial help through MNsure on April 5, 2021 or later, the full value of the tax credit was already applied. You will not see additional changes to the tax credit.

Learn more

More information is available on MNsure's FAQ page

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